Happy Sunday, Red Vine Family!

I don’t usually even look at my computer on Sundays except to slip into a Pinterest coma while the boys take a nap and Jack watches football. BUT, I’ve been thinking that a huge piece of my life–and yours–has been missing on Red Vine: the yum.
Yes, I said it: the yum is missing. And there is a lot of yum at our house. In fact, I spend more time thinking about, pinning, planning, and cooking up yum than I do anything else (hence my always-messy kitchen.)

So here goes: a new section of Red Vine focusing on the milk, the honey, the yum of this life. Because at the end of a day, a well-timed, seasonal meal can cancel out almost any woe.

On this fall-back Sunday, I tried a new take on pancakes: the pumpkin chocolate chip pancake. Jack will not stop freaking out over them! And, before I could take a picture of these golden, chocolate-studded beauties, my men devoured every single one of them.

So, here goes:

Use your good ol’ pancake mix. I use Bisquick’s Gluten-free. It is THE BEST gluten free pancake mix I can find. Follow the directions, and just substitute pumpkin puree for the oil (add a little more if you’re brave! I did!). I even had to substitute almond milk for the milk because we were out, and you couldn’t even tell. Add cinnamon and nutmeg, stir it up, and stick those puppies on the griddle. (Oh, and please, please, for the love of all that is holy, use real butter instead of cooking spray). Then, plant chocolate chips all over them. You can even make jack o lantern faces with the chocolate chips if you like!

When the pancakes are ready, pull them off the grill and serve with bacon, eggs, and plenty of real maple syrup.

Seriously. Does life get any better than this?

Buttered up and full of mapley, chocolatey happy,