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What No One Tells You At Your Baby Shower

Motherhood keeps surprising me. I just relaxed into the routine of summer with kids home full-time lolly gaggin’ around the house and whining bored. I just settled into morning snuggles and afternoon swims, grilled dinners on paper plates after the sun sets to our backs. Now it’s over. And this turning of the seasons from green grass to golden leaves always stings me just a bit. Why? It’s more than just summer being ended or school beginning; a whole season has packed up and left me. We’ve phased in seasons from summer to fall, but as a family, from babies to big boys. And this mama stares change in the face again, to find her way into a new season, to swim the current of motherhood’s phasing. Continue reading

For your Noah days

This afternoon, driving Abraham home from school, I plow through bouts of rain and breaking sun and brake lights and ask the usual, “So who spoke at chapel today?” and “How was your teacher? Were all the kids good?” He chomps down the rest of his lunch and reluctantly doles out snippets of his day. Continue reading

Rainbow Stories: the Relentless Rainbow Butlers (May it be so)

I have never met McCayla Butler in person, but if you are a fan of Rainbows for Noah, you’ll understand what I mean when I say I feel like I’ve met her heart. McCayla, and her husband, John, have endured more than any couple should ever have to. They have buried two sons, Noah and Isaac, in less than one year’s time. I remember sitting in my car outside the Lifeway store when I heard that they had lost Isaac, after a last-minute plane ride down to Lousiana to meet their new son. I wept for McCayla like she was my sister, because you see, once you share the bond of a child in heaven with another woman, they truly are your sister.

When she announced Baby Miles’ name immediately after finding out his gender, I understood because I did the same thing: defying fear and embracing hope and claiming a future for this rainbow child in spite of the darkness clinging. When you have lost a child, you realize that every moment with a child born and unborn is a celebration. And we rainbow mamas won’t waste one of those precious moments, even if every one is a crazy mix of crushing, soul-tearing heartbreak mixed with deepest joy and gratitude.

When Baby Miles was born alive, we cheered for the Butlers. Then I sighed, and cried again. Because coming home with a rainbow baby is its own unique journey I have yet to put into words. What I love the most about McCayla is that she deeply loves Jesus. And yet, she is so very honest about how deeply her grief has affected to her, what it feels like to lay to rest a person who was supposed to lay you to rest. I treasure her commitment to truth, her commitment to the nitty-gritty, and her refusal to give up. She wrote a sweet blog, about a simple rainbow moment with Miles at Costco, and I wanted to share it because I have thought these same thoughts, and lived these full-circle rainbow moments. Without further adieu, McCayla Butler, everyone:

by McCayla Butler

life is funny sometimes.

last night this happened:

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 11.18.59 AM

my husband was in line to purchase some delicious costco treats and miles and i were hanging out saving a table.

baby was uncharacteristically gitty. like giggling, throwing his head back and laughing type gitty. it made my heart swell with love and pride. then i got a little self-conscious for a second. if there are people around us who just experienced a loss of a baby or who are having trouble getting pregnant, this blatant scene of baby sweetness could be really hard to see. so i kind of tried to tone it down, but miles wouldn’t have it.

too. much. joy.

then it hit me.

you may recall, last summer i wrote a blog post about going to costco and how hard it was to see a happy couple there with a smiling baby. i had forgotten about it until that very moment with miles.

i ended the post by saying, God willing, in a year or so, my husband and i will be that happy couple at costco. giggling with our rainbow baby whilst chowing down on a $1.50 hot dog. and when others see us i pray they find hope.

it gives me goosebumps just reading that again.

my deepest desire is that miles’ life is a living demonstration of hope. hope in the flesh.

even at costco. may it be so.

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