Set up road markers for yourself,
make yourself signposts;
consider well the highway,
the road by which you went.
Return, O virgin Israel,
return to these your cities.

Jeremiah 31:3

I know: this is a weird verse for Monday Cup. I actually have this verse bracketed in my Bible from three and half years ago when Beth Moore told the entire Tacoma Dome full of women to do so. I was sixteen weeks pregnant with Sam, with no inkling about his special heart. And I have utilized this verse over and over again since then.

Look around you: life may seem rather mundane right now. Or, you may be hanging from a cliff by your fingernails. When you take time to set up road markers, when you pause to take remembrances, your perspective toward your present changes. With mindful eyes, we can see the ways in which God moves in our circumstances: providing for, steering, and comforting us. If we do not consider the provisions as we travel along, we may not remember them when we desperately need to remember how good God is because of how good God has been.

Consider the highway, my friend. Pause and plant a big sign in the ground: “GOD WAS HERE”. Keep on trucking until your next moment of reflection. The more you pause to reflect, the more signposts there will be to look back to.

God bless your week.