Happy Groundhog Day.

So, the SeaHawks lost their chance at back-to-back Super Bowl rings last night. Around here–the land of the 12 and the Home of the Hawks, Starbucks customers stand in line with cast-down faces and muted half-decaf-triple-2 pumps vanilla-nonfat-no foam-with whip- 180 degrees-orders. Baristas still call out drinks from the bar, but the jovi (yes, I just made up a word) falls short as paper cup hits counter. The 12 flags still fly, but we all seem to be living this Monday half-mast.

Then, there’s Punxsutawney Phil, and he did us no favors this morning. SIX MORE WEEKS OF WINTER? I guess it is only February.

So, this is what I have to say to you, my friend, whether you be a Patriots or a Seahawks fan, live in sunny Palm Desert or have to dig your way through a mountain of snow to get to your frozen car this morning:


Love doesn’t stop when we do, and grace doesn’t care who the winner is. Real Love, the Love that saves and sustains, still wraps around you on these rainy days when the sun just won’t show its face. We will fall, freak out, buckle to the ground.

But, Keep Calm, friend. His love never fails.

So, bring on the rain. I’m covered in love through this day of moroseness, this next six weeks of winter. I’m covered in love!

Happy Groundhog day. Happy He-loves-you-forever day.