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Grab the happy!

Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise. James 5:13

I think sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Something in life can be really, really hard . . . BIG things, things we have no control over, things that we cannot fix. The enormity of these problems can overshadow all other joy in our lives. But I refuse to let the mountains define my reality!

This week for my family has been crazy: a beautiful birthday party for our four year old complete with fairy wings and little pirates running around the back yard, my husband’s birthday, great professional news for me, and the confirmation that at some point this summer, Sam is having open heart surgery. It was a week of bliss, heartache, excitement . . . and honestly, exhaustion.

I used to wish that everything could be separated out: could I just mourn in peace, could I just sit under my rain cloud and cry, PLEASE! And, when good things happen, do they have to be sandwiched between fear and excitement and exhaustion, and did I say fear? Can’t I just jump up and down and scream “Praise the Lord,” instead of being distracted by all the mountains I have yet to climb?

I realize now that the rain clouds and the dancing and the singing are all a part of this life dance. We get better, I think, at dancing this dance as we mature. We get better at running to God at the first sign of trouble and giving Him our worries and our fears. We also get better at acknowledging His generosity, loyalty, faithfulness, and provision. And we begin to understand that if we are down, we will get back up again.

So, if you are staring at a humongous, immovable mountain or standing on the shore of yet another unnavigable sea, take heart. You will find a way to climb the mountain; you will stand again on the summit. A boat will be provided; you may even learn to walk on water. Maybe the sea will be parted right down the middle! I am daunted by the possibilities every mountain represents . . .

I am also amazed at how, in the middle of the deep, little joys like kite strings dance above our heads, just waiting to be grabbed. So keep your head up, look around for some happy, and grab it if you can . . . even just for a moment. Remember to sing songs of praise as you feel the wind blow and the surge of joy tugging you down the beach. Remember that you can sing and dance even if your feet feel full of lead. Remember that this moment is your life, and it can be beautiful, full of praise, full of happy, even in the rain.

Grabbing some happy,


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