Hi Red Vine Family,

I’m writing from my iPhone in the packed car, as Jack drives us south to beach and sand and porch wine and late nights with my family around a fire pit. I left my computer at home, and brought home-made coffee cake and cowboy Quiche instead. Oh! I can’t forget the rainbow chip birthday cake hiding in the back seat for Sam’s third–yes, he’s 3!–birthday party. There will be a toy story piƱata, party hats, and sheriff badges for all the littles. I’ll take pictures, I promise!

While I’m beachin’, I wanted to point you all to a beautiful post about the church and mental health by Ann Voskamp: What the Church and Christians Need to Know About Suicide and Mental Health.

I hope you’re all long on days of light and sand. It’s almost over. Don’t waste one sticky, sweet drop.