Happy Tuesday, everybody! It’s a big day on Red Vine, as I have a post going live on incourage.me. It’s also “Giving Tuesday, the day when we can GIVE instead of just cybershop while eating the last of the pumpkin pie and hoping the LeapTV goes on a bundle sale (ok, so that’s my life.)

If you’re still in a turkey coma and need some inspiration, this video will get you there:

So, now that you’re awake and ready to give, I have an awesome cause for you. His name is Baby Travis, and he is stinkin’ adorable. His mama, Carra, is one of those people that light life on fire, who so loves Jesus that He emanates from her every movement. She prays warrior-style, and when I was pregnant with Samuel and desperate, she’s the kind of friend who fasted for three days for my baby.

You can imagine how devastating it was this last Mother’s Day, to receive a text that Carra’s own new Baby Travis was inpatient at the local children’s hospital in heart failure. Our mutual friend, Kasi, and I visited Carra and her husband, Travis, in the hospital as baby Travis lay in his crib, attached to multiple wires and monitors that I have become too accustomed to. We wrapped our arms around our friend and prayed for answers, for a reversal of his grim heart failure diagnosis. We prayed for a miracle.

It took months to unravel Baby Travis’ complicated diagnosis of Barth Syndrome (affecting only 1 in every 300,000 to 400,000 births in the United States) hard-won by Carra, who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer from any doctor and kept searching for answers. Barth Syndrome is a complicated genetic disorder, and involves not only Cardiomyopathy (heart disease), but also growth delay, underdeveloped skeletal musculature and muscle weakness, Neutropenia, and more. For more information about Barth Syndrome, please visit the Barth Syndrome Foundation.

Currently, Baby Travis’ heart is functioning “normally,” though the doctors continue to assert that it is severely damaged. Carra and her mother provide round-the-clock care for Baby Travis, constantly watching him so that he does not rip out his feeding tube upon which he’s dependent. They rarely take Baby Travis out into social settings, due to his fragile condition.

We are hoping to raise money to secure some nursing care for Baby Travis, so both Carra and her mother could be afforded some much-needed time to rest. We are also hoping to fund a hopeful future trip to Baltimore’s Kennedy Krieger Institute, where the specialists there accept patients into their clinics only four times a year.

Let’s raise some money and lift a small part of the burden for this deserving, beautiful family!

Visit Support Baby Travis Palmer’s Family and be a part of “Giving Tuesday” 2014.

God bless you all and thank you!