“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for a future and a hope . . .’” Jeremiah 29:11

Taylor and her husband, Jack, are high school sweethearts. They married before their Sophomore year at Gonzaga University, and lived off campus as they worked toward the goal of Taylor becoming a teacher and Jack attending medical school. Life took them in a different direction when, senior year, Taylor was diagnosed with a severe case of Bipolar 1 disorder following a suicide attempt. The medications necessary to keep her stable were debilitating, and it took several years until she was able to function highly enough to finish her bachelors degree in Religious Studies and English with honors from Gonzaga.

She worked as a hospital chaplain intern, Religion teacher, and Pastoral studies graduate student until her doctors determined she was well enough to start a family. In 2008, the couple mourned the still birth of their first son, Caleb Joshua, at 36 weeks. They became involved in the TEARS foundation, which provides funeral expenses and emotional support for grieving families of stillborn and infant “angels.” In 2009, they welcomed their rainbow baby, Abraham Jack, who is now a capricious kindergartener. In 2011, Samuel Scully arrived, despite a terminal diagnosis at 21 weeks gestation. They are still marveling at Sam’s “washing machine” heart that continues to defy the odds and fuel his very busy preschool lifestyle.

Taylor enjoys being at home with her sons as Jack enjoys working from home as a manager in pharmaceutical research. Taylor occasionally speaks on living in recovery from Bipolar 1 Disorder. She feels called to write about maintaining an authentic faith through the trials and victories of life. She continues to believe in a God who is concerned with the details of our lives, a God who never leaves us or forsakes us . . . no matter how far we feel we are from Him.

The family loves to camp in the summer, especially along the Oregon Coast. Jack and Taylor are long-time certified scuba divers, but hold to a strict policy of no Puget Sound diving (so they don’t go very often!). Taylor loves her women’s Bible study group, which she has recently started helping to lead. She enjoys yoga, morning walks, crafting with friends, date nights with hubby, and of course, gardening and writing.