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Taylor K. Arthur balances Bipolar 1 Disorder, marriage, and motherhood with a nitty-gritty faith inspiring a twisted, blissful life.

Bipolar Mama: My Invisible Wheelchair

Mothering with an invisible mental illness is challenging. I know you couldn’t see my mental illness when you were sitting next to me at “back to school” night. You couldn’t see the medication I swallow twice a day, or the 14 years of therapy that have equipped me to behave so normally. You can’t see my bipolar 1 disorder, but sometimes I wish you could. I’m mothering with an invisible mental illness. To read more, please join me over in the “Mental Illness in the Family” blog at HealthyPlace today.


  1. Great article Taylor! I really like your video about your daily routine as well. Keep on sharing. I am sharing it on my Facebook page under Walking in Grace, Inc.

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