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“Beacon of Hope”

My dear friend, Sheri Blumberg, shared this note on Facebook about her journey grieving her daughter, Tessa. I think it is so important to be highlighting other moms who have survived the loss of their children, and who are fervent in helping others through their pain. Sheri spends much of her time volunteering with the TEARS foundation. Here are her words:

After Tessa
September 11, 2011

My daughter’s death does not define me. I will not let my life be found in her death. Rather, I will let her life bring meaning to mine.

September 28, 2008 split time into two realms for me: before Tessa, and after Tessa. Before Tessa, life was good, it was fruitful, but it was unclear. I had only a vague idea of who I was meant to be, with no clarity about the work God had for me. After Tessa – after the heartache and the mourning – I emerged from the Valley of the Shadow of Death, into the sunlight, and saw other hurting parents, needing direction and hope… still caught in their own Valleys, looking desperately for their own sunlight.

My daughter’s life has given me purpose. Because she lived, I have found my life anew. I know my identity.

I am Sheri Blumberg: child of God, wife of Kevin, mother of Tessa… and a small beacon of hope.

Thank you, Sheri! You truly are a beacon of hope to me and so many others.


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