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A More Gentle Way to Approach January

Let me abide in your tent forever,
find refuge under the shelter of your wings. Selah

Psalm 61:3-5 (NRSV)

Hi friends. It’s January. And I have big plans, don’t you? I have a new word for 2015, lessons from 2014 to blog about and goals for 2015 to set down. But I have to admit something real and honest to you: I’m just not ready yet.

I want to fake it and push ahead, skip the examining of 2014 and force some new, unrealistic goals for 2015 into print.

Every time I try to suppress my deep need to just stay still, a Voice within me whispers,

But why not just take January to slowly sift, carefully sort, lovingly remember 2014? Why not make January a transition month, instead of a “hard start” month?

Jan 1 comes, and Jan 1 goes, and I realize that my heart doesn’t reside within any one calendar square. My spirit needs some time to sit, to settle, to say goodbye to the beauty and tears of an entire year of my life. My body needs a good massage or two, and some time to rest.

So, even though it’s the second week of January, I’m not giving you a post about the examination of 2014 or my goals for 2015. I’m simply here to say, Go easy, friend. Take a deep breath. Sit down and watch a morning show after you take the kids to school. Have coffee with a friend. Breathe.

Take January to rest. Tuck January in around your heart like the edges of a fluffy, goose down comforter on a cold night. Sip January like a cup of hot cocoa: slow and sticky with a melting marshmallow in every gulp. Teach yourself to love these dark mornings in the cuddle of your coziest robe. Savor that last bottle of candy cane coffee creamer and few remaining treats leftover from the holidays.

The workout routines and budgets and goals will be there when you’re ready.

Ya know, I’m starting to think my new New Year’s start may just be February 2nd. Maybe that little groundhog’s had the right idea all along?

Take care, rest easy, and cozy down.




  1. Perfectly said as usual! Love you!!!

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